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BIG Students' Fair

November 12th & 13th, 2019
Students from seven schools performed a series of academic activities related to their lessons and levels. Kindergarten students did a picture bee activity, first and second graders spelling bee, third and fourth graders presented a Science class and the last category, reading comprehension activity was performed by the fifth and sixth graders.
The students did not compete among themselves, they presented without being evaluated. This way they felt so much comfortable and confident during the activity.
We want to acknowledge the participation of the schools, as well as the teachers who worked hard with their students to make this sharing possible.
The staff from Portuchada Bilingual Elementary School prepared a great introduction with typical music and dance, as well as lunch to the participants and guests.
  • Agua Fría 1
  • Zapallal
  • Santa Fe
  • Portuchada
  • Santa Librada
  • Punuloso
  • Marco Alarcon
Thanks a lot!