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Jose Del Carmen Mejia

May 16th, 2019
A total of six teachers could be visited in their classrooms. It was evident the students are applying different strategies to learn English as a second language. Tchr. Oliver Teucama demonstrated to be planning according to the guidelines the teachers were given, this means he can help his peers to plan the activities in an organized way. Tchr. Yoisi Murillo had her students collaborating, which is part of the 21st Century skills. Once the students finished their tasks, they presented the activity orally. Tchrs. Sandra Teucama and Lincoln Flaco were teaching first grade students. These students were doing listening and writing activities in order to recognize the family members. Fifth grade students were making comparisons using adjectives with Tchr. Eliecer Delgado. The Science classes with Tchr. Lincoln Flaco Peña are really interesting, because the students are implementing the scientific process into their experiments and demonstrations.
At the end of the observations, there was a meeting with the English department and Tchr. Mitzi Castillo, English Supervisor. During the session, some planning strategies were discussed in order to improve the activities the teachers have been doing so far.
July 5th, 2019
The English teachers attended the workshop "A Constellation of Science". They were able to observe different strategies developed by the consultant, following the 5E Methodology. The teachers participated actively and shared their experiences at the end of the session.