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Academic Support at Marco Alarcon Elementary School

The classes observations demonstrated a lot of students' participation. The teachers Melissa De Gracia, Maribel Piedad, Noriel Gonzalez, Kayra Garces and Reina Santana, received the visit from the Academic Coordinator and the Academic Consultant and they were doing as expected once they received some instructions during the training session.
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Academic Support at La Cantera Elementary School

Teacher Johana Ojo includes visual aid to help her students speak as much as possible. The children understand when they are asked about rooms in the house and people at school.

Teacher Juana Saez did body language to make it easier for students to understand the body parts, and be able to name them after instruction.
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Sixth Grade Students Going BIG at Santa Fe Elementary School

Sixth grade students are expressing their ideas in the present perfect tense. The pupils feel confident when completing sentences on the board, they were willing to participate. So, Teacher Yoselin Rodriguez has been teaching not only the grammar structures, but the way to pronounce the past form of regular verbs.
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Exchanging Ideas at Agua Fria 1 Elementary School

Second grade students were doing oral presentations about the activities they like doing. Teacher Alfredo Samaniego has been training the children to be ready and feel confident when presenting. 

When the teachers met the consultant, they showed their plans to develop their lessons and they were aligned according to the guidelines offered in the different training sessions. So, they can exchange ideas to have the best practices in their classes.
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