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Nuestra Sra. De La Merced

July 23rd, 2019
The Teacher Marileen Rodriguez was teaching about the effect of antibiotics against the virus with her fourth-grade students. She included some seeds in order to do a hands-on activity. The students were engaged in this activity and develop the workshop positively.
Teacher Amarilis Chavez has an amazing set of routines in kindergarten, in order to have her students active and focused on the class. She organized the room by "teams" and has great attention grabbers. The students know a lot about the sounds and letters.
Teacher Yaribel Ruiz was teaching in third grade about the animals and their habitats. The students responded effectively to the different questions. The teacher includes different activities to start the class.
At the end of the visits, there was a meeting in order to present a more organized planning template, according to the SIOP model.