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Maria Ossa

June 26th, 2019
The teachers were visited to offer some resources, as well as to explain in detail the process to adapt the SIOP objectives and activities in the planning format. The teachers showed a lot of energy and positive vibes during the meeting.
August 1st, 2019
First grade students were doing a review about all the concepts they had been studying. Teacher Deilys Gonzalez included a lot of visual resources to help the students identify the different concepts. The students demonstrated knowledge about the different topics and they were willing to answer the different questions asked by the teacher.
Teacher Hildaura Lamboglia has created an interesting way to have her students reading in front of the class. The students feel confident when they have to do the reading activities. The teacher has also taken them to understand the reading through critical questions.
Third grade students were doing Science with Teacher Victoria Avendaño. They had to identify the stages of human development. The students worked on their student books and workbooks.
Teacher Deislyn Mendoza was teaching the kindergarten group. The students were working on their workbooks about rooms in the house. The teacher was monitoring the group while they were doing the activities.
Second grade students reviewed concepts related to places in town. Teacher Elizabeth Osorio took the group to answer correctly and to apply the concepts they have been studying.