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Kuna Nega

April 29th, 2019
The Teacher Aida Aguilera has created a system to reward her students, it is called the Star Class board. The students who succeed in their lessons, are presented on this board and they are rewarded with some gifts. This is a way to have them motivated and willing to participate in the classes.
The Teacher Ileana Hernandez is a great example for other teachers. She is a very active teacher inside the classroom, so the students are always doing something relevant and they do not have time to focus on other aspects. She has also created a set of resources to expand the lessons, as well as to offer the students different strategies to learn English as a second language.
July 26th, 2019
The students did the English Week Closing. They performed in different acts. There was poetry, dancing and acting. The pupils were excited during the presentations.