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Reino de Los Paises Bajos de Holanda

April 25th, 2019
The teachers Edmundo Weeks, Ana Solis and Ericka Juarez are including activities to have their students using the language as much as possible.
Teacher Weeks has been making use of the digital resources he was given. This way the students have had the opportunity to work with the different resources within the ActiveTeach. The teacher also makes sure to rearrange the room in order to make students feel more comfortable and to have a more effective communication among themselves.
The Teachers Solis and Juarez have adapted their practices into more differentiated lessons. They are delivering their lessons with a more controlled instruction, in order to increase the level according to the students' development.
July 22nd, 2019
Teacher Carmen Leones was teaching some vocabulary about parts of the body. The students were pasting pictures to the different concepts.