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Federico Escobar

April 12th, 2019
Behind great students there are marvelous teachers. This could be observed when the consultant visited the teachers. When a class goes beyond than expected, the children really enjoy it and they activate their potential.
The Teacher Luz Tam was visited when she was teaching 3rd grade. Her students were so engaged singing the BIG English theme song. The class went through a well-structured plan, starting from the warm-up session up to the assessment. The students were able to say complete sentences when they were describing the activities and the specific time they do them. The teacher has made some flashcards related to the topic in order to help students understand the concepts and be aware of the new vocabulary. A Math assessment was introduced at the end of the unit, this means the teacher is including CLIL activities in her lessons.
The Teacher Teolinda Rivera introduced her 2nd-grade class with the "Good morning song". The class was related to the family. So, the teacher created a set of flashcards with the names of family members. The students did them, too. The flashcards were used to teach rhythm patters, spelling and word recognition. The students participated in a dictation contest. They had to go to the board in teams, and the contest ended in a tie, this means all the students did correctly. The final assessment was about writing eight words after the teacher said them out loud. The students participated actively and confident during the class.
The Science Teacher, Miss Lourdes Castillo, was reviewing some vocabulary related to the tools scientists use to do observations or experiments. The students did a game in order to complete the words with some missing letters. At the beginning of the class, the students were asked about some animals and their habitats, using a bear-shaped pencil case. They were able to answer the questions about the topic.