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Cirilo J. Martinez

April 10th, 2019
As the new school year started, so did the new teachers. The consultancy support the teachers receive before, during and after their instruction is really helpful, even more when the teachers do not have any experience. This way, the Teacher Kicha Gray, who was teaching BIG Science last year, began teaching with the BIG English series. Her class was observed and the students were able to answer the questions, understand and apply the concepts and structures they were studying during the visit.
Then, Teacher Sharmilla Valencia, who is teaching with BIG Science, received the instruction from the consultant, who shared with her the information regarding the planning process, use of resources and the 5E Methodology for Science teaching.
July 9th, 2019
The teachers Said, Kisha, Sharmilla, Janice, Enia and Joel were visited in their classes. They were implementing different strategies to make the lessons understandable but at the same time challenging to their students. Doing a lot of TPR, modeling examples, using digital resources and even singing were some of the strategies observed during the visits. At the end of the visits, there was a meeting to share with the teachers a planning format, which will help teachers describe their lessons in a logical and organized way day by day.
August 9th, 2019
Teachers and students celebrated the English Week closing. Several performances were acted out. The students had a great time doing the activities.