BIG Students' Fair

November 19th-21st, 2019
Students from twelve schools performed a mini class related to a lesson and level. Third, fourth or fifth graders presented a Science following the 5E Methodology.
The students did not compete among themselves, they presented without being evaluated. This way they felt so much comfortable and confident during the activity.
We want to acknowledge the participation of the schools, as well as the teachers who worked hard with their students to make this sharing possible.
The staff from Estado de Qatar Bilingual Elementary School prepared some sandwiches and the staff from Piriati Embera Bilingual Elementary School prepared lunch to the participants and guests.
  • Estado de Qatar
  • Unión de Azuero
  • Tierra Prometida
  • Superación Campesina
  • Santa Isabel
  • José Gabriel Duque
  • José del Carmen Echevers
  • Clímaco Delgado
  • Loma de Los Naranjos
  • Atanasio Morales
  • María Elena Díaz
  • Tortí
  • Piriatí Emberá
Thanks a lot!