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English Benchmark


Test speaking, listening, reading and writing on a tablet!

English Benchmark is the motivating English test for young learners delivered on a tablet.Testing speaking, listening, reading and writing, it measures English proficiency through a fun, game-like test.With detailed reporting available, English Benchmark gives you recommendations for what to teach next, based on students' scores. 

Diagnostic tool


Use the test at the beginning of the school year to understand students' English proficiency and identify learning needs.


Progress Monitor

The test enables teachers to monitor students’ progress throughout the year and provides key data to inform instruction.


Exam indicator

As the test is aligned to CEFR and GSE it can help you check whether students are ready for exams like PTE Young Learners.


How it works

English Benchmark uses the same automated scoring technology as products including Versant and PTE Academic. These tests are trusted by governments, universities and major corporations around the world as proof of English ability for visa applications, recruitment and student admissions.

To create our automated tests, we ask hundreds of human markers to examine sample test results. We then feed this data into our scoring algorithm, which allows the engine to predict how a human would score each test.

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