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What is the Big Series?



What is it?

New primary course that engages students with fun topics and activities that motivate them to learn English With Big English teachers can deliver great lessons and help students achieve excellent results: rich content and photo-intensive design, a real world focus, integrated assessment and an online practice & diagnostic tool The core of this course is the balanced development of language skills combined with 21st century skills and CLIL lessons.


How many levels does it have?

6 Levels | CEFR A1 - B1


Who’s it for?

Teachers and Schools with intensive English language programms that aim to prepare students for external exams. Students who enjoy learning English and using it in daily life, who want to achieve good results and make their parents proud. 6-12 years old young children Parents with ambitions for their child to excel at English to optimise opportunities in future life.


BIG English


Share in your students’ success. Watch them excel in English.


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BIG Science


Science is everywhere. From your backyard to a tropical rain forest; from your pets at home to creatures in the sea; from your bike to a space station. Let’s explore!


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Big Fun teaches young children English – by listening, imitating and repeating – in the same way that they learn their native language. And they grow confident to speak English on their own.


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