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Colon First Training

Last April 8 Science teachers from Colon received their first training about Usage of Resources and Planning.
More than 80 teachers participated in this training sesisson and received the resources to give their classes as best as possible.
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Panama Norte working hard

From April 9 to april 12, Science teachers and their little sicentists in Panama Norte have worked very hard.
An amazing warm up activity in San Juan Pablo Segundo Bilingual School.
Marvelous explanation in Republica Arabe de Egipto and Maria Latorre Bilingual School.
During this week teachers from Jose Artigas and Don Bosco Rural Bilingual Schools received a speacial training.
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Marvelous Students

April 12th, 2019

Behind great students there are marvelous teachers. This could be observed when the consultant visited the teachers. When a class goes beyond than expected, the children really enjoy it and they activate their potential.
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Activating students through their interests

April 11th, 2019

The consultancy support is not only about telling teachers how to use the resources they are given and how to plan, but also modeling the way students should be approached according to their age. This is a great moment to let teachers observe the techniques used when we want the students to be active learners. Taking into consideration what children know and like is the key point. At this time, technology and of course, video games, played a very important role in order to have the students' complete attention. The Teacher Pamela Gonzalez has students with a lot of potential in the third grade. Those children are ready and willing to use their language skills with the world.
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Academic Support at Cirilo J. Martinez Elementary School

April 10th, 2019

The consultancy support the teachers receive before, during and after their instruction is really helpful, even more when the teachers do not have any experience. The teachers have received the instruction from the consultant, who shared with them the information regarding the planning process, use of resources and the 5E Methodology for Science teaching or the 5 steps for BIG English.
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2019 Fourth Training - Darien

April 5th, 2019Teachers from Eugenio Perez Elementary School in La Palma, participated in the Pearson's All BIG Stars training session. The teachers learned about the five steps for BIG Fun and BIG English, as well as the 5E Methodology for BIG Science. During the session they demonstrated to know about the process and shared their ideas with the new teachers.
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