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Academic Support at Estado de Libia Elementary School

Teacher Rolando Yau had the opportunity to observe the way third graders should be approached. Taking into consideration the students' previous information, teachers can use that in order to develop the lessons and awake their interest.

During the meeting, teachers expressed the challenges they are facing and the academic support they would like to receive to improve their lessons.
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Demonstrating Understanding at El Japon Elementary School

First grade students had the opportunity to study the clothes topic with real visual aid. Teacher Carlos Marcucci used realia to introduce his class and offer extra options to improve their understanding. Teacher Dalia Aguirre has been training her kindergarten students on the sound recognition for some letters, as well as the use of visual aid to support the students' learning. Second grade teacher, Ms. Claudia Mahon, has been working on reading comprehension activities with her pupils.

The students demonstrated to have a great understanding about the reading and the critical questions done about it. First and fifth grade students, showed understanding when studying Science with the Teacher Abigail Gonzalez. When they were asked about the topic, they answered correctly.
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Trips around Chiriqui Province

Visiting schools around the province has been great because every time we see them in action we really know teachers love what they do. Students are in a constant learning process. We are so proud of them all.
Congrats to San Felix and Cerro Puerco Bilingual Schools for a great job.
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Visiting Schools in David-Chiriqui

Jose Maria Roy, Belen, Victoriano Lorenzo, and Rio Sereno Bilingual Schools are doing all a fantastic job. Students progress is shown through their great classes. We are happy to see them working so hard!!!
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Black Ethnicity Drawing Contest

San Miguelito Regional Edication and The Black Ehnicity Association organized a drawing contest for students of elementary schools.

Twenty four (24) students participated in this contest which was classified into two categories, students of third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades, however just 3 winners were chosen per category and Pearson Academic Consultancy was part of the judges.
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San Miguelito Second Training

San Miguelito Science teachers get together to share experiences and to know better about Stem and Steam and how to apply some creative and easy expirements in the classroom.

All this happened last Arpil 8 in Los Andes Bilingual School.
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An Artistic Look to Science

Last April 2, Science teachers from Panama Norte recieved the second training session of this first trimester.

In this training, the science teachers learned about Stem and Steam and how to apply some experiments in the classroom.
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