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Simeon Conte 2 grade kids having fun,

Every day in life,is great to live experiences that, me us gorw, with every book our students,learn more than words, they get new experiences, to creat his own path and thats our joy being his teachers.


Alberto Buitrago M
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Poem: Sammy Square (Kindergarten students-Pedregal School)

Students perfomed a poem called “Sammy Square”. Now, they not only know “Sammy Square”, but also they are able to distinguish one shape from another since they learned other poems of shapes. They know when it is a rectangle or square.
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The seasons in Manuel Urbano, Colon

Here there students were working with the weather and seasons topic. They were divided in groups to bring clothes according to the season they were assigned and say a brief sentence or paragraph explaining activities you can do on each one of them. That way they got a better understanding of the topic. Tchr Elisa Arambari said.
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Different methods in Marco Alarcon, Darien

On June 16th, 2017, we could have the opportunity to share some experiences with the teachers from Marco Alarcon School. The teachers Yeiri Mora (3rd grade), Liz Pacheco (1st grade), Débora Vega (2nd grade), Orlando Atencio (Kinder), Melissa De Gracia (4th grade) and Corina Ramos in 2nd grade with Science showed different strategies in order to teach English. They proved that hands-on activities are very important to keep students interested on the topics they are studying. The students felt so confident when presenting their creations in front of the class.
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Improvement of resources in Punuloso, Darien

Punuloso was the first school we visited in Darien. The teachers have managed to work with their students in such an interactive way. Playing hopscotch, using technological devices and participating actively in classes are the main characteristics for the teachers in this school. The students showed interest in the activities the teachers had planned. Great first impression in Darien.
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Hands on working in Eugenio Perez, Darien

Whether the students were studying or doing some physical activities, they were really focused on the instructions, paying attention and participating actively. The teachers showed it is possible to have the students’ attention through engaging activities. Once the students love what they are doing, it will be a successful experience for both teachers and students.
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Magic Box and great control in Santa Fe, Darien

June 14th, 2017

The Tchr. Deivis Castro, 1st grade, is a great resource for the school. He has created magic from almost nothing, a box. The students have the opportunity to put their hands in, take out some resources and it is when magic begins. The teacher uses the resources to let students use their potential when practising oral skills.

The Tchr. Ruth Garcia has created a set of routines that are useful for her students. They were so comfortable working with the ActiveTeach, the flashcards and all the resources the teacher used to deliver the lesson.
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