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Academic Support and Class Observation in David

This week, we visited some schools to observe classes and to offer academic support to the teachers.
We have seen beautiful classes and also teachers who are willing to do changes that we recommended to make even better classes.
We have also been invited to an English Week celebration in some schools.
We went to Comarca Ngabe Buglé Cerro Miel Bilingual School and had the opportunity to observe classes and give academic support to the teachers we observed.
We observed classes at La Primavera, Antonio Rios Saavedra, Jose Maria Roy and Pedregal Bilingual Schools in David Chiriqui.
Thank you all for letting us come in and support your classes.
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New Science teachers in action.

This new trimester new science teachers have joined the Science family in Panama Norte.
One of this teachers is Adolfo Castillo who is teaching the students how animals and humans get nutrients, minerals and vitamins from plants.
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A Good Class in Torrijos Carter Bilingual School

Teacher Oscar Gaona is one of our super teachers in San Miguelito.
He always give to the students great activities of engage and very good explanations of the different topics, he has been working as a Science teacher since 2017 in the same school so he knows everything according to Science.
In this opportunity he teaches to the students the life cycle of the frog.
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Science Project in process

Science teachers in Panama Norte already started with their projects.
In San Pablo y Villanueva Biligual School students, teachers and parents started to creat a school garden that is a great idea that will benefit to all, and
in Grecia Bilingual School Science teachers got a meeting with all the parents to infom about the project.
Let´s see these amazing experiences
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Class Observation around David Chiriqui

During the month of June Pearson Consultant and Panama Bilingual Coordinators from Chiriqui visited a few of our schools to provide them with academic support and of course sharing the wonderful job they are doing with their students.
We visited: Republica de Francia, Divala, Lassonde, Loma Colorada, La Primavera, Los Abanicos, Rio Sereno, Volcan, Elisia Chiari, Victoriano Lorenzo; just to name a few of them.
We are really happy to see how good are students and teachers working and we are also happy to see that our guidance is helping them as well, they do feel more confident now.
All of you are doing an amazing job out there. We are proud of you all. Keep that good work up!!!
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Training at Comarca Ngabe Buglé

on June 28th Pearson Consultant together with the Coordinators of Panama Bilingual Bocas del Toro worked on a Training to newcomers of our resources. We gather 5 Schools from the Comarca Ngabe Buglé which were willing to work with the procedures of the program.
We thank Pueblo Nuevo Bilingual School that helped us with the place to do our training.
We also thank all the participants of our 5 schools in Comarca which are Pueblo Nuevo, Norteño, Coclesito, Kusapin, and Kankintú.
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Classes Observations in San Miguelito

Science teachers have performed excellent classes in San Miguelito.
They have applied many good strategies and methodologies during the development of these classes as well.
Some examples of these teachers are the ones who work in Republica de Italia Bilingual School, Torrijos Carter Bilingual School, Los Andes Bilingual School and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Bilingual School where they have done good warm up activities, excellent explanations and great engaging of every topic.
Look at the following pictures and videos.
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