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Creating environments at Unión de Azuero

It is amazing the way the students can relate the different contents they are studying with their different subjects. Making ecosystems with clay could seem like a children’s game, even more, thanks to the Science class, the students have the opportunity to learn more and better contents, experiment other cultures and presenting their jobs in such effective ways.
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Realia at Tortí

The students have had the opportunity to apply several resources that are included in the BIG Science series, as well as the activities that have been proposed in order to develop the Science class. Including elements from their own lives, relevant for them, leads to an effective and active participation.
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Explorers at José Gabriel Duque

The teaching experience of including the visual aid offered to develop the Science class, has led into positive results in the confidence students transmit once they finish and present their jobs. Having the opportunity of exploring more about Science, in other language, takes the student to a higher level of expertise.
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A new world at Piriatí Emberá, East Panama

Creating the Earth with simple resources is an activity that motivates students, and once the importance of taking care of the Earth and the different ecosystems is taught, the students are able to demonstrate a world without pollution, pointing out the different animal species that live in those habitats.
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Living or nonliving things at Enrique Genzier, Colón

The text book might become boring for the students, but bringing a real element, about the topic, awakens the students’ interest, being part of the activity, the teacher is presenting. This way an interest link is created between the teacher and the students, because the Science class turns different and interesting.
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