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Book Delivery in Coclé 2019

As the school year started, we started our book delivery process. We visited the schools in Cocle starting with E.B. EL ROBLE and E.B. EL PERÚ. The visits included meetings with coordinators and principals to evaluate advances and program development. So far, we have covered all the schools in the region of Cocle.
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Science Project in Panama Norte

One of the teachers who has empowered his students with science is Professor Marino Hernández who is developing a great project in Nuevo Progreso Bilingual School called "Cultural Park"
Here are some pictures of the project, but it is not finished yet, he and his students continue working on it.
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Interactive classroom in Los Andes Bilingual School

On Monday May 27, Los Andes Bilinguial invited Pearson Academic Consultancy to the opennig of the Interactive Classroom, where the students will have the opportunity to learn all the concepts, terms and use the technology which is one of the most important tools nowadays.
In this envent participated the Regional Director of Meduca, the English Supervisor and the Regional Coordinators of Panama Bilingue Program.
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Empowered Teachers and Students

Oriel May from Crispino Ceballos Bilingual School has empowered his students through out projects, labs and experiments inside and outside the classroom.
Students learned very well about living and nonliving and they are able to recognize and identify parts of the plants.
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New Constellations in East Panama

The Science teachers from the East region had the opportunity to attend the workshop called "A Constellation of Science". During the session the teachers took the role as the students, and the teacher was the academic consultant. The idea was to show them how to plan according the 5E Methodology to teach BIG Science, and taking into consideration the students' skills.
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Beautiful Science Classes

Rio Rita and Manuel Urbano Ayarza Bilingual Schools present two dinamic ways to teach Science and become this subject into a very interesting one for the students, that is why Audethy Palma and Fay Gordon developed great classes to the students and teach them how science is all we see, we touch and we smell.
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Science Teachers in Action

In this first period of the scholar year, many science teachers have been working very hard on their experiments, labs and projects. And two very good examples of that are: Don Bosco Rural and Maria Henriquez Bilingual Schools in where teachers like: Isaac Murillo, Angel Del Cid and Aixa Mendoza have applied the scientific contexts in a very funny way for the students.
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Realia at Jose del Carmen Echevers

Teacher Belkis Martinez included realia in her class. Through this way, the students have the opportunity to visualize the elements the are studying in concepts or structures. Some scales, feathers and fur were part of the lesson.
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