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Kuna Nega’s Anniversary

On Friday, July 28th, Kuna Nega Elementary School celebrated its XXII anniversary. For this event, an invitation from the teachers and the principal was sent to the Academic Consultant. It is important to mention that this school has been working with the Panama Bilingüe program for two years now, for this reason the students have the privilege to have a set of well-trained teachers to deliver amazing lessons and develop in our students the basic communicative skills.
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Puerto Rico’s presentations

In this school, teachers have achieved to apply all the methods necessary in order to have effective lessons. Students are getting ready for the new world that awaits them. They do presentations once they finish working together. This way teachers can show the instructions can go beyond the text book, allowing students to develop their handy skills and their critical thinking.
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Children are recycling at María Ossa

Using recycled material has become a teaching strategy that allows the students to understand what is considered garbage, can be used in order to create tools that allow comprehend better what is being studied. In the Science area, it is relevant that teachers can show the students that a planet with less garbage is possible, improving this way human beings’ lives.

Kindergarten students have now begun to do short presentations, showing confidence with themselves. And when it’s time to hand working, kids enjoy making the projects proposed at the end of each unit.
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The circus arrived at Sector Sur

On June 23rd, the community from the school could enjoy the funny English Week closing. It was a circus theme, loaded of jay and active participation from the English teachers. In this activity, the students from different grades did performances and musicals. The principal participated in the activities, showing the support, she has always given to the Panama Bilingüe program since the beginning.
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Creating environments at Unión de Azuero

It is amazing the way the students can relate the different contents they are studying with their different subjects. Making ecosystems with clay could seem like a children’s game, even more, thanks to the Science class, the students have the opportunity to learn more and better contents, experiment other cultures and presenting their jobs in such effective ways.
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Realia at Tortí

The students have had the opportunity to apply several resources that are included in the BIG Science series, as well as the activities that have been proposed in order to develop the Science class. Including elements from their own lives, relevant for them, leads to an effective and active participation.
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