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Getting everything ready in Marco Alarcon, Darien

October 10th, 2017

It is clear, nails. But what’s inside the bags? If that simple thing awakes our curiosity, can you imagine a child’s. The teacher Corina Ramos from Marco Alarcon School is organising her materials in order to do what she has been working with her kids so far… magic. I am sure these children will be so excited when making this project.

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No pain, No gain! Central Panama

September, 2017

The Science Teacher Joel Peters from Don Bosco School in Central Panama, started to set the field in order to work with his students on it. He puts himself into action, a great model for the students, who need to learn how to obtain what they deserve.

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Participando nuestras Escuela Lassonde. Estudiantes hablando de su proyecto My Toy Box.

Buen trabajo!!
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Cocle in Action

Professor Luz from Abelardo Herrera School working with her students in a dynamic class.
Professor Ileana from Clelia F. de Martinez, working with her students in a very interactive and fun way.

Good Job Cocle!!
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Chiriqui working hard!!

Professor Yulissa Miranda from Volcan School is teaching her students how to make a sandwich…great job!

Students from kinder garden from Loma Colorada School having fun.
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Pearson test application in Chiriqui

Students from Chiriqui, from Schools Santiago Bolaños, San Felix, Rio Sereno, Volcan, Boquete, San Vicente, El Palmar, Paso Canoas, Divala, Jose Maria Roy, Lassonde, Doleguita, Loma Colorada, Pedregal, Republica de Francia, La Primavera, Los Abanicos, San Jose, Barriada Victoriano Lorenzo, Victoriano Lorenzo, were doing the test to measure how their level of English is. They all did a great job…Congrats!
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