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Back to school at Republica de Francia Bilingual School

This back to school started with lots of fun and energy in Republica de Francia Bilingual School. Teacher Isis Arauz is working with her fourth graders making a fun board game with questions and answers using how often. Students are able to use possessive pronouns, frequency adverbs, and daily expressions.
They are all starting this new quarter full of energy and lots of fun.
Good job guys!!!
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First meeting Panama Bilingual Chiriqui and Pearson

Every year Pearson and Coordinators from Panama Bilingual and Coordinators from our 27 schools get together to talk about our events during the year and at the end of the year.
This year we decided to change our annual event, so, we will make a Jeopardy game by categories; starting from third grade until sixth grade.
We will have the participation of 27 schools, some of the schools will join us for the first time. We are all excited about that special day for Chiriqui Province.
Pearson and Panama Bilingual Chiriqui always working together for our Province.
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May in Cocle & Oeste

In the regions of Cocle and Oeste, we visited over 21 schools during this May. Delivering books and resources, observing classes, holding meetings, and doing training sessions for both areas.
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We had a date with teachers from all schools in Oeste. Through this half-day session, we covered some relevant topic on best practices, planning through our series, use of resources, TSS, and collaborative learning. We a full-house event with over 48 teachers representing every school from my assigned zones in Oeste. This was an interactive and participative workshop in which after surfing a bit on theory and experience, we moved to action and they presented ideas based on the topics covered.
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I came to deliver some pending resources and visited the students. I ran into a meeting for the coming events. Here they were selecting students for several contests and events, such as poetry, public speaking, and others. These students are all outstanding. It is really impressive to see their attitude and vibe! As I entered the room, I said “hello” and they all replied in their ways in English with so much confidence that I could not hide my astonishment. I was really amazed to see this happen before my eyes.
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I came to deliver a couple of more books and resources, and meet with the Sub-Principal. Right after the meeting, I came to meet with Boris, the coordinator. We took a tour around the whole school and visited every teacher in their rooms. In my class observations, I noticed teachers were very committed to keep English straight all the way through every lesson. Kids did their part and pushed themselves to put in practice their skills at all times. In general, the school is managing the material very well. They have found their ways to deal with every situation as a team, and it is evident when you see them work all as one.
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Visit to E.B. EL ROBLE

I visited this school to conduct observations. I found teacher Arelys Moreno with her 3rd grade kids. They were having a nice class on “professions”. Around the school, some groups of students could be seen wearing different uniforms and customs allusive to all kinds of jobs. I also visited the rest of the department and all I saw was motivation. Students were really into their characters and something relevant to mention is they would welcome me in English in every room.
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Visits to Schools in Oeste

I visited my new assigned schools for some class observations (E.B. NACIONES UNIDAS, E.B. REP. DE COSTA RICA, and E.B. EL COCO.) I met with the coordinators in all of them, who let me take a tour around the facilities and observe some of the classes that were going on at the moment. As I entered every room, as it is our policy, I greeted students in English and they answered at unison, which sounded very motivational for learning. In every room, they were doing something different, from working on books to doing handcrafting. It was a great experience and I really left every school with a good feeling they were doing great things.
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I visited E.B. HARMODIO ARIAS MADRID, met with the principal, and then had a meeting with part of the English department, specifically, with the new teachers. We covered some aspects of the book series and cleared doubts about execution and lesson planning. After that, I visited some of the sessions and observed for a while. The students at this school are always as motivated as its teachers. This year, we have new and young teachers at the school and we are glad to collaborate with them to keep things going at HAM.
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