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Visiting Schools in Chiriqui

We went to some of the schools to continue with our visits and academic support.
We are so happy to say that the job has been done in the correct way.
Congratulations to Lassonde, Los Abanicos, San José, Doleguita, Loma Colorada.
Awesome job all of you.
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Visiting Gualaca Bilingual School

We got the chance to observe teacher Stephany Concepcion and her students presenting Wild Animals unit in a beautiful scenario. Students were recognizing and animals and their habitats. It was so good to see them speaking and enjoying their mockups.
Congratulations to Gualaca´s teacher especially Teacher Stephany Concepcion.
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Class Observation at Volcan and Boquete Bilingual Schools

At the beginning of the month, we continue visiting our schools to see the progress of their students.
We had the chance to observe teacher Yulissa Miranda in Volcan and Donain Camarena in Boquete.
Both had done an amazing job. We want to congratulate them on their effort and awesome teaching skills.
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Class Observation and Academic Support at Comarcas in Chiriqui

On October the 7th we had the opportunity to visit Cerro Puerco Bilingual School together with the coordinators of Panama Bilingual Chiriqui.
We are now closing the academic school year and the class observations in the zone.
We want to congratulate all our teachers who are trying hard to achieve our goals of having a bilingualism culture.
Good job!!
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Academic support and class observations in Chiriqui

At the end of this last quarter, Pearson consultant is working on last visits in the Chiriqui Province.
We had the opportunity to see some of our schools: Santiago Bolanos, San Felix, Gualaca, Victoriano Lorenzo, San Jose, and Barriada Victoriano Lorenzo.
We always fell welcome and happy to see a good job of our students and teachers.
Once again, thank you all of you for your great job.
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Reader's Theater in David Chiriqui

On September 20th, Chiriqui Province celebrated the Readers' Theater and this great event had the participation of 18 schools, these schools showed that English has improved in our province and students and teachers are more committed to learning. We were part of the event and we want to congratulate the effort and good job of all the ones involved in it.
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