A Good Class in Torrijos Carter Bilingual School

Teacher Oscar Gaona is one of our super teachers in San Miguelito.
He always give to the students great activities of engage and very good explanations of the different topics, he has been working as a Science teacher since 2017 in the same school so he knows everything according to Science.
In this opportunity he teaches to the students the life cycle of the frog.
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Science Project in process

Science teachers in Panama Norte already started with their projects.
In San Pablo y Villanueva Biligual School students, teachers and parents started to creat a school garden that is a great idea that will benefit to all, and
in Grecia Bilingual School Science teachers got a meeting with all the parents to infom about the project.
Let´s see these amazing experiences
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Classes Observations in San Miguelito

Science teachers have performed excellent classes in San Miguelito.
They have applied many good strategies and methodologies during the development of these classes as well.
Some examples of these teachers are the ones who work in Republica de Italia Bilingual School, Torrijos Carter Bilingual School, Los Andes Bilingual School and Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Bilingual School where they have done good warm up activities, excellent explanations and great engaging of every topic.
Look at the following pictures and videos.
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Special Training

Around twenty - seven (27) new Science teachers received the training of "Usage of the resources and Planning" in San Miguelito and Panama Norte.
These new teachers learned how to manage Pearson resources and how to plan their classes correctly.
During the session, the teachers were amazed about all the resources and activities these ones have to accomplish all their goals in the teaching process of the science subject.
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500 Hundred Years of Engineering Evolution

Science teachers from San Miguelito received their fisrt training of the second trimester.
This training was about the Science Project and this year it will be about engineering, and the title of it is "500 Hundred Years of Engineering Evolution" because "Panama La Vieja" will turn 500 hundred years and to celebrate that our Science Project is based on that topic.
The trining was deveopled in two journeys and the attendance of the teachers was excellent.
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Science Project Training

June 14 was the date where Science teachers from Panamá Norte received the first training of the second trimester.
The training was perfomed in two schedules and it was about the Science Project and all the steps and features of it.
The topic of this year will be "500 hundred Years of Engineering Evolution" and the teachers will have the responsability to create with the students and parents a project based on any of the disciplines of the engineering.
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Observing Earthworms and their ecosystem

Students from fifth (5th) grade of Marco Ramón Vásquez Bilingual School observed earthworms and their ecosystem.
The students collect all the data and the information about how the earthworms live.
Teacher Celita Pineda who is the teacher in charge of these students told us: "They were very motivated. At the beginning they didn´t want to touch the earthworms, but at the end of the observation, students learned to love the earthworms and they wanted to keep the earthworms as pets"
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