Panama Norte Finalists - Expo Science

During two (2) weeks, seventeen (17) of the eighteen (18) schools in Panama Norte region were presenting their Science Projects to participate in the next Expo Science 2019.
Seven (7) of these seventeen (17) schools were selected because their projects were fantastically well developed.
Some schools did cultural parks, projects to eliminate mosquitos, school gardens and many other project in which they develop any of the disciplines of engineering.
The schools selected were:
C.E.B. Grecia
C.E.B. Nicolle Garay
C.E.B. El Ñajú
C.E.B. República de la India
C.E.B. María Henríquez
C.E.B. Tomás Arias
C.E.B. Nuevo Progreso

Enjoy these great jobs.
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Rio Rita Bilingual School - Colon

Students form third grade are creating their own visual aids for an oral presentation of Body and Growth. On that topic the students are learning the different stages of a human being.
Let´s see how they do.
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Science Project in San Juan Pablo II Bilingual School

All of the schools in Panama Norte are working pretty hard on their projects and San Juan Pablo II Bilingual School is not the exception.
There teachers Jonny Pineda and Vivian Cuesta have empowered students and parents and they are creating a fantastic school garden project.
Let´s take a look…
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Science Projects in San Miguelito Schools

July 25 was the exactly day where the Science teachers from San Miguelito presented their projects.
That day the teachers showed to the rest of the teachers of the all-region the projects that they will be presenting from August 19 to September 18 in their schools because every school has a date to do it.
Science teachers are working very hard to leave great projects in their schools.
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Super Teacher in San Miguelito

Jonathan Delgado is one of the super teachers of San Miguelito.
This is his third year working as a Science teacher and his classes are such amazing as the first day, and the result of this are his fantastic students who are learning a lot concerning to Science.
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Science Project Follow Up

Science Teachers in Panama Norte presented their great projects last July 19, and how they have been impactig students and parents' lives.
Seventeen of the eighteen schools of this region presented the projects that are going to be the ones that the teachers and students will be presenting from August 5 to August 16.
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