First Workshop in Bocas del Toro

On March 15 we held our first workshop, in which we counted with the participation of 15 English teachers and academic instructors of Panama Bilingüe Project (It was done in a double shift, for users of Big Fun schedule am and for users of Big English day pm ), who join the Panama Bilingual program this year.
Our main points were:
• How to develop the classes using all the components of Big English and Big Fun.
• We explain the principles of Big English and Big Fun (Assessment for Learning, 21st Century Skills and Integrated Content-Language Learning, CLIL)
• Contents in Big English and Big Fun
• How to create large projects using Big English and Big Fun Unit projects.
• What are the skills of the 21st century?
• AFL in the series
• How to develop reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking skills using the English language.